Brenda Dozer

Brenda is a REALTOR and licensed NC Real Estate Broker. Brenda holds a BS of Business Administration from Appalachian State University. She moved to Raleigh during high school and has lived here ever since, becoming well-versed in the Raleigh real estate market.  Following college, Brenda worked many years in the mortgage servicing industry, helping homeowners better manage their home loans.  She stepped away from the corporate world to raise her children, then later co-founded Follow the Child Montessori School in Raleigh, helping the school grow in its formative years, and served as Coordinator of Christian Education at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church.  In her spare time, Brenda has assisted family members and friends in the purchase and sale of their homes and land both here in North Carolina and in Ohio.  She comes from an “I’ve Been Moved” (IBM) family, so house hunting has always been a love of hers, leading her to turn that passion into a career.

 Brenda loves seeking out the best possible real estate value for her clients.  She believes that foreclosures are often a great avenue to home ownership or investment, and she loves the tax advantages of 1031 Exchanges.  She especially enjoys helping first-time buyers understand and navigate the complexities of purchasing their home.

 Brenda is married, has two grown boys, and is active in church and community service.

A house becomes a home when we are part of community and connect with neighbors.

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